A little bit about the ladies behind The BunLife.

Korren Briley

Korren Briley

My name is Korren Briley. Born in Israel, and moved to the US when I was a baby…

My mother is from the states, and her family comes from Brazil and Russia. My father, born in Israel and his ethnicities are Moroccan and Israeli. I am a melting pot of cultures and I’m very proud.

Just before my 18th birthday I moved away to college at Northern Arizona University. I studied there for 2 years, until I transferred to Arizona State University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Business and Communications. I graduated in 2009 and the next day my, then, fiancé and I moved to California. We have been loving the beach life ever since!

I have been happily married to my husband since 2010 and we are blessed to have 2 beautiful little humans: Karsyn Dior and Dillyn Karter.

I am a FULL-TIME career woman, mother and wife, and proud of it!

I prefer Pizza over any food, and spending time with friends and family is the best time to me.

Terry Fletcher

Terry Fletcher

My name is Terry Fletcher. I currently reside in Laguna Beach, CA. If there is a beach within a mile from me, I am there. I am a native Californian, in every sense of the word.

My mother was born in Dublin, Ireland, and my father in New York, NY. They have since passed away, but their Irish and American cultures live on with me. I have a sister and two brothers, but my youngest brother is my best friend.

I currently am an Independent National Healthcare Consultant, Speaker, Writer/Author, Educator, and Auditor, focusing on coding, billing and revenue opportunities for physician’s practices around the country. I am a business owner, college graduate and have several professional credentials in Medical Coding and Health Information field.

I am happily married almost 20 years to my husband and we have an awesome daughter, Summer Dakota, who is in her Master’s Degree/Credentialing program to be a High School English teacher Fall 2019. She lives at home while completing her degree.

As a business owner of a Consulting Firm, Podcaster, Sports Writer, Wife and Mother, daily life is not only a challenge but an adventure to try and balance it all with success.

My passions in life are being a mom, my Pittsburgh Steelers, wine tasting in Napa and vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii. Finding time for fun with my friends and family makes me happy.