A little bit about the ladies behind The BunLife.

Terry Fletcher

Terry Angel Fletcher

My name is Terry Fletcher. I currently reside in Laguna Beach, CA. If there is a beach within a mile from me, I am there. I am a native Californian in every sense of the word.

My mother, was born in Dublin, Ireland, and my father in New York, NY. The have since passed away, but their Irish and American cultures live on within me. I have 3 siblings. 2 brothers and a sister. My baby brother Ray and I are best friends.

I am currently a Healthcare Consultant, Speaker, Writer/Author, Educator and Auditor, focusing on coding, billing and revenue opportunities for physician’s practices around the country. My consulting firm, Terry Fletcher Consulting, Inc. has been around since 1992. I am a business owner, college graduate, along with several post graduate credentials in my field of Medical Coding and HIT.

My 20-year marriage has recently ended, but as I move forward in life, with my wide, but close circle of friends, and my awesome adult daughter, Summer, the future looks very promising.

I am a FULL-TIME career businesswoman, mother, friend, podcaster, sports blogger and with all of the challenge’s life has to offer, still working toward finding that balance.

My passions in life are my watching Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL), Wine Tasting in Napa and vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii. Spending time with friends and family makes me happy.

Summer Loll

Summer Dakota Loll

My name is Summer, I’m 24-years old and I am currently living at home (actually I am now roommates with my awesome mama), as I just finished my teaching credential program at Concordia University Irvine, Ca. I have a Bachelor’s degree from CSUF in English, and my HS teaching credential is in English Literature. I cannot wait to have my own classroom, let the interview process begin!

I am single but seem to be going on a lot of first dates lately, looking for that “right” guy for me. While in college I have been a HS substitute teacher for 2 years, and I also work at 24-hour fitness gym.

My passions are baseball (Cleveland Indians!), breweries, upscale and hole-in-the wall restaurants. I love trying new everything and have an adventurous streak. I was a college athlete for softball and continue to be passionate about sports. Love the Pittsburgh Steelers and hope to be a coach in high school.

Life for me is all about fun and positive vibes. You will find me sunning somewhere if there is even a peak of sunshine. The beach, on my back deck, or just outside with my face in the sun, where I am at the moment.

My mom is my best friend, and my close friends love that we can always find a reason to laugh. Napa, Hawaii, Beer-Fests, Baseball Games, Concerts, you name it, I do it! And now I’m a podcaster!