There’s no place like home

by Korren Briley

There is something very comforting about going back home. Even as you live and lead your adult life, there is something safe about going home and being in your childhood bedroom. It’s as if your normal days are spent “ON” and you come home and you get to go into “sleep mode”, only to be awakened when ready, when you feel up to it.

I had an unforeseen trip back home where I experienced just this. Although I was going home to say my goodbyes to my amazing grandfather, I simultaneously was going through a less than desirable series of days in the real world.

Going home and being able to talk face-to-face with my parents, and receive physical hugs rather than the “ I wish we were there” comments made a huge difference. I got to see my sister and play games at the dinner table with my family like when we were kids. My parents handled dinner, there was no cooking, and it was stress-free (outside of the obvious reason for being there).

No matter your age, no matter the day, there is still that part of me that says “I want my mommy.” My mom and I are best friends, and where I might be well into my 30s, I can honestly say, this moment reminded me to make this my goal with my kids.  Cherish the moments and remember to make home a foundation for your kiddos…a safe spot, a protective space.