Nerd’s The Word

by Korren Briley

I mentioned in blogs past that date nights are essential. Not to mention vital to your marriage post children. I am all for a great dinner and a movie, however, I recently met with a close friend of mine who is a marriage and family counselor. Over an amazing dinner of dim sum and alcohol, we caught up on months of overdue conversation. She is a super momma of 4 amazing kiddos, 3 of whom are triplets aka “triplees”. We got to talking about date night. She informed me that quality time, even when with our kids should be focused on activities together not alongside. Much like watching a movie or favorite tv series, those are considerably “alongside time”. However, taking a walk and talking, having a picnic, playing a game, these are “together times”.

For my birthday, my awesomesauce of a mom got Darryl and I tickets to a murder mystery dinner on the well-known Queen Mary. This is a hotspot tourist destination and it is right in our backyard! It was an infectious blend of humor and intellect. Needless to say, we had a blast! It was nerdy, fun, different, and we got to work together as a team to accomplish a goal that was not as serious as let’s just say… successfully raising two humans? It was a switch up of the well-known routine, and it was fun to dress up and have a great time with each other.

If you re looking for a great way to spend the evening with your significant other, or even a big group of friends, this is a must. Two thumbs up from the Briley’s!

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