It’s that time of year… football season!!

by Korren Briley

There’s something very nostalgic about football season. Maybe it’s because I always associate football with Autumn, changing leaves, cozy blankets and hoodies. Or maybe it’s the family traditions we can pick back up when the season starts? Whatever it is, I love it!

When it comes to football, my family is a Kansas City house, go Chiefs!

We love to celebrate Sundays with easy and fun finger foods for all ages and enjoy not just the Chiefs game but all games. We spend the entire Sunday planning around what games are on, and from there we determine if we will be productive with chores or if we will never leave our jammies. Either one is okay because we are all together that day, which is the goal.

This year we were blessed to attend the first game of the season (and celebrate a win)! Football has become a way we spend time together and create memories. Since I didn’t grow up watching American football, it’s a really great thing to keep alive in our family and the spirit radiates in our home.

Family Funday Sunday has become “our thing”!

With busy schedules and many moving parts, Sundays have become the day we make the effort to slow down and come together. I am hopeful this will carry on for years to come, and maybe our kids will continue forward with the same tradition or even add their own twist!