Say Cheese!

by Korren Briley

As I reflect on all the amazing things I did this summer… I realized I have a million and one photos. A million and one photos of everything and everyone but me.

Half the time I am not in the photos because I am always capturing the moments while my family and husband live in the moment, and the other half I feel too frumpy and lumpy to be on camera. I want to look back on my kick-ass cannonball in the pool with the kids, or how about the time I crossed the finish line of my 5k run where I reached my personal best goal? Even the time that I looked cute, for once, on date night with my husband?

So, my solution? Professional Family Photos.

I make sure to spend the money and time at least one time a year and ensure that not only am I taking pictures of my kids, but I am on the other side of the camera! Now although I cringe every year I spend the time and money, it is by far the best investment each time. Yes, I said investment. You are investing in your happiness and memories. There are ways to do this on a budget too! Try Groupon or meet with a new and upcoming photographer who trying to build their portfolio. I am fortunate to have a friend who does amazing work and she has captured priceless moments: newborn shoots, mommy and me photos, maternity, gender reveal and other family photos. Take the leap! You will not be disappointed.