Date Night is a Great Night

by Korren Briley

Date night.

Now that’s a phrase I don’t say or do often these days…

I mean, with a full-time job, the kids, and my husband working (2 jobs) and very little babysitting help, it’s a rare occasion, that we can even schedule a date night, but we have to do it! Ideally once a week, but that can be hard. Trying for once every month would be fantastic! It is important to take some dedicated time to the adult you and the adult him. Not the parents in you, but the adults in you. What brought you together? It wasn’t your child/children it was your friendship, love, lust and so much more. Even if it’s for just an hour or two, there is no reason why you can’t have a guilt-free, uninterrupted conversation and meal. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it can be free or even low budget. No need to break the bank for alone time on this one, trust me.

One of my favorite date nights was when we ordered some of our favorite pizza and ate it on the beach. We were 5 minutes away from our home and if we needed to relieve the babysitter we were close by. We spent 3 hours talking, laughing, and discussing life. No interruptions and we got to enjoy our meal, hot and fresh. Did I mention romantic? I encourage and challenge you to come up with a fun new way to spend time with your significant other and share your ideas with us.